Hi, I am Ilaria Cazzaniga and I work as a violin maker and restorer in Milan!

I graduated at the violin making school (Civica Scuola di Liuteria) in Milan, with specialization in the restoration of bowed string instruments. In my educational journey I stumbled through a bachelor’s degree in Physics and a master’s degree in Conservation and Diagnostics for Cultural Heritage.

Working with wood to give space for creativity and life to music is a great passion that has grown and matured with me. With curiosity, I also traveled the path of scientific research, of course always in the field of musical instruments.

I run my own workshop in a quaint courtyard in Milan, which is a shared space with other young colleagues and hosts the LiutaiLab project. I am continuing my colaboration with my master Carlo Chiesa, started some years ago thanks to the internship grant Una Scuola, un Lavoro – Percorsi d’Eccellenza promoted by Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri D’Arte.

From 2020 to 2022, I have been teaching chemistry for violin making at the Civica Scuola di Liuteria in Milan and violin making at Accademia di Liuteria Piemontese San Filippo in Turin.
From 2022, I have been collaborating with Tarisio Auction House in Berlin for the preparation of the instruments and the catalogue for the sales.