Moving to Berlin!

A lot of things have happened this last year, and I am ready for new adventures that await me down there on the horizon. So, I decided to start a blog, which will be a sort of journal following my passion in the magic world of violins. I really don’t know where it will take me, but I promise we’ll enjoy the journey together.

What’s coming on next year? My work is shaping differently and in particular… is moving! I will move to Berlin, in Germany, starting from January 2024. I will work as a luthier most of my time for a well-known in the field auction house, Tarisio, with which I started collaborating during the past year. I’m so excited to join the Berlin team of Tarisio, they’re fantastic and I love the smell of ancient instruments and wood that pervades the office.

I will also keep a foot in Italy, with a big project coming along with Fondazione Pro Canale, in Milan. We have obtained funding for the realization of a big diagnostic campaign on eight violins of the foundation. The project will be crown with the realization of a virtual museum where the 3D images of the instruments will be available to the public. I will keep you posted about this project in an upcoming article, don’t miss it.

And of course, none of my clients will be left alone! I will organize some small periods for maintenance work in Milan.
I will also continue to work making new instruments and will be very happy to encounter new musicians in Berlin.

A year full of exciting news is awaiting around the corner, and I can’t wait to dive in!